Advanced Orthodontic Treatments

Significant advances in orthodontic  treatments over the last decade have led to more comfortable treatments and impressive results.  Tooth extractions and standard braces and wires of yesterday are now being replaced with custom devices in clear or tooth color attachments. The “tinsel-tooth” look has changed to a “personal style” look.

 By investing in the latest technologies and procedures at Dental Health Care Center, our dentists are able to better assess a patent’s needs and deliver impressive results in shorter timeframes. Furthermore, orthodontic devices are more comfortable and have superior appearance.
In-office cone beam CT scanners have revolutionized diagnostics and treatment programs. The three dimensional CT scanners allow our dentists to see the entire skull, jaw and bone structure of a patient with minimum radiation exposure. Since bone structure is often the underlying orthodontic problem, a clear image provided by the CT scan will often pinpoint the cause and suggest the best treatment to  an experienced dentist.
New orthodontic discoveries and understanding of how friction and ligation forces function to move teeth.  Traditional braces use elastic bands, or ligatures, to apply forces to brackets in order to move teeth into alignment.  This caused friction between wires and brackets  requiring heavier forces in order to move teeth. Unfortunately for the patient, it also caused the patient discomfort and reduced the total treatment time.
Newer ligation systems use a slide mechanism reduces friction and force on the teeth resulting  in more comfort and impressive results in shorter time frames in many cases without requiring any tooth extractions.
Orthodontic technologies and treatments continue to advance at a rapid rate.  Our dentists are committed to advancing their training, skills and treatments for our patients.  Today, they are better equipped than ever before and tomorrow they will be even better!