Affordable Dentistry

Affordable dentistry is not a given at many dental offices.  Today, with economic pressures that impact many dental offices, affordable dentistry often gives way to more expensive and often unnecessary dental treatments.  Many people find that after years and sometimes decades with their existing dental office, dental procedures such as implants are recommended when more affordable dental options such as a crown is sufficient. How often does this happen?  More than you might think!

Additionally, a number of dentists have become “dental specialists.”  While seeing a dental specialist can be a good thing when you truly need a procedure, many specialized dentist actually”shoe horn” patients into their specialized treatments because they make more money.  Out goes affordable dentistry.

How do you avoid being oversold with costly dental procedures and keep your dentistry affordable?  Do what you do when you purchase any big ticket item or service. Shop around. Get a second opinion. Give DHCC a call at 612.999.1096. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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