Broken Teeth


Broken Teeth

If you chip, crack or break a tooth or teeth, come see a dentist immediately. This will reduce the pain, chance of infection and further damage to the chipped or broken tooth. The actual treatment for a broken tooth depends on what parts of the tooth are broken and the severity of the broken or chipped  tooth.  If a small piece of enamel has broken off, it may be repaired with a filling. If the break is in a visible location, such as front tooth, a tooth colored composite resin may be used to restore the chipped or broken tooth.

If a large portion of the tooth breaks off, there are a number of options. A cap or crown may be used. Depending upon the location, crowns may be gold alloy, porcelain fused metal, porcelain or resin.

If a front tooth is broken or chipped, a dental veneer may be a good solution. A thin layer of porcelain or resin is applied on the front face of the tooth. If there is a chip off the tooth, a thicker segment may be fabricated to the back of the veneer to restore the tooth to its original shape and color.

If the tooth damage is significant enough to damage or expose the pulp, a root canal is required. During this process, the dead or damage pulp will be removed. To protect the tooth, a crown is typically placed on the tooth after the root canal.

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