Dental Appliances

Separators are small rubber disks that are placed between teeth to provide adequate space for metal bands when braces are implemented. When braces are placed, the separators are removed. Adequate care must be taken to assure the separators are not dislodged. Toothpicks, floss and sticky foods should be avoided when separators are in place.

Elastics  are used to apply minor force to teeth while braces are in place.  They  reposition teeth and jaws into proper position. These elastics, also known as rubber bands, come in a variety of colors thus providing a changing appearance as desired. They can be applied from front teeth to back teeth, from top to bottom or a combination of placements.

An palatal expander is used to develop arch width when a patient has a narrow arch that cannot accommodate their teeth.  By applying light but continuous pressure to upper molars, the expander gradually widens the palate. The device is typically used during early stage permanent teeth development but can be used for adults as well.

Positioners are devices that look similar to sport mouth guards. They are often used to reposition a single tooth or to make minor tooth adjustments. Positioners can be used to shorten the time that metal braces or other appliances are worn.