Denture Implant Combinations


Denture Implant Combinations

Denture wearers are typically happy with the aesthetic appearance of their dentures, but may be uncomfortable with the fit or stability of their dentures. Over time, our bites, jaws and tissue change. Because dentures are quite rigid, their fit may change whenever oral “migration” occurs as a result of age, weight gain or loss, bone loss or injury.

Now there is a better solution. Using a combination of a few “anchor dental implants,” and dentures, a whole new fit can be accomplished. Basically, 2-4 implants are fastened to the jawbone to become abutments for the dentures to snap fit to. Traditional dentures without implant anchors require dentures to sit on top of the gum tissue temporarily bonded with denture paste. With implants, the dentures “snap” onto the implants and are firmly fastened to the jawbone. No slipping, sliding or movement. Patients can chew in confidence just like they did when they had permanent teeth. If there is any minor change in the mouth such as weight fluctuations, it does not matter because the implants are anchored directly to the jaw.

Denture/implant combinations are a significant improvement over standard dentures. If you are not 100% confident with your dentures give us a call at 612-999-1086 to see if you are an implant/denture candidate.



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