Dentures with Dental Implants


Dentures with Dental Implants

Tired of worrying about your dentures?  Wish there was a better solution than full dental implants?  Now there is!  You can lock those dentures onto dental implants. No more worries about your dentures moving.

Full dentures can become ill-fitting over time as a result of weight loss or gain, jaw or gum changes, or illness. People with dentures know all too well what it is like to live with dentures that do not fit perfectly. Even dentures that fit well may dislodge at times.  As a result, denture wearers lose confidence when chewing, smiling, or laughing.

The dental implant/denture combination is a very cost effective and functional alternative to full dentures. By placing a limited number of implants, dentures gain anchor points directly to your jaw. The dentures snap onto the implants and the dentures maintain a solid foundation. Say goodbye to denture slippage, dislodging, or pain. Bite and chew what you want, smile with confidence and laugh as you wish.

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