Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening – A Bright Idea!

High definition TV has brought special attention to movie stars – their looks, smiles and teeth.

Do you notice that they all have near perfect teeth that are radiant white? You won’t get far in Hollywood today with anything less. But we all know that Hollywood is not every-day America. Regardless, teeth whitening is a reality that we can all utilize on a regular basis. In-fact, all of our patients receive FREE teeth whitening starting on their second visit and continuing for life as long as they stay current with their preventive care appointments.

What are my Teeth Whitening Options and why did my dentist choose Teeth Whitening Trays?

Teeth whitening options range from over-the-counter whitening strips to bleaching trays to in-office procedures. They also range from being ineffective to effective to damaging. What one should remember is that teeth whitening will be less than optimally effective is regular hygiene is not maintained. If the patient does not regularly have plaque removed at a regular hygiene visit (every 6 months), the whitening process will not reach the surface of the teeth to whiten them.

  • Teeth whitening strips do provide some bleaching/whitening, but only where the strips seal firmly against the tooth surface. As a result, the whitening effect is often irregular or ineffective.
  • Laser whitening and UV whitening systems are often powerful whitening systems. However, they can be damaging. If a patient has any gum disease or has insufficient enamel on a tooth due to disease, wear, or damage, these systems can further damage the exposed tooth making it prone to rapid decay.

Dental Health Care system provides a take home teeth whitening system that, when used in conjunction with good hygiene, is an effective whitening system that minimizes damage and decay to teeth. You will be fitted with a “whitening tray” at your first whitening visit. This tray holds the whitening solution so that all the teeth are consistently immersed into the whitening solution, assuring consistent whitening. You will then be given a supply of whitening bleach solution to be used at home between hygiene visits. The bleach is sufficient to provide strong whitening without being too strong to damage your teeth.

We encourage all our patients that are interested in keeping their teeth the whitest to discuss your free whitening program at your next appointment.

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