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I have had the pleasure of knowing Mel since she started with Dr. John Erickson in 1969. She has held many roles and responsibilities and also known to give a hug if a patient cries from being scared or upon receiving news of an unexpected large bill due.

Just about everyone from my parish of St. Joan of Arc Church had Dr. John Erickson as their primary dentist when his business was on 49th & Nicollet Ave South Minneapolis and then moved to 1717 E. 66th St.  My first appointment with Dr. Erickson was when I was 9. Every visit as a youngster I had 2-3 fillings! By age 12, I protested and said, “Dr. Erickson, you’ve given me a million fillings! How many teeth do I have!  My mom gives me 10 cents to stop at the Dairy Queen next store but I’m so filled with Novocain that I can’t get an icy cold Mr. Misty or ice cream treat. I’ve tried, but it dribbled down my mouth. Well, at least I save 10 cents every visit for a later time.”

At age 57, I was advised to have a full set of braces for 3 years—Mel encouraged me to go ahead even though it cost $5700.00. I am thrilled I did! I had always loved to smile and especially do now.

Mel has the most calming voice, happy optimistic disposition and a whiz at knowing answers or will quickly find out the answer and respond to patients as soon as possible.

Mel has enjoyed her long-term career from 1969 to current (2014). Now that’s a dedicated employee!
Once Dr. John Erickson retired, many patients and I had to make a decision to leave and find another dentist which may be more geographically desirable or start with another Dentist currently at Dental Health Care Center. I do believe many of us stayed at 1717 W 66th because we appreciated the personal connection, sincerity and honesty we had with Patient Coordinator Mel.

You are appreciated, Mel, for your exceptional knowledge and personal service to me and every single patient that has come through those doors.

P.S. Everyone at Dental Heath Care Center excels in their specialty! I would highly recommend them.

I wonder if you have ALL my records. Back then (before Mel) documents were typed on an old fashioned -not electric- Royal typewriter with carbon paper & white out. LOL, laugh out loud but true.


Sandra Kellogg

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