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Dental Health Care Center offers patients professional strength whitening systems. The ideal time to whiten is after your cleaning or before cosmetic procedures.

Your Dental Health Care Center professional will evaluate your personal situation and will recommend a whitening system designed for you.

Our professional whitening systems can remove up to twenty years of stains in a short period of time. The preferred method for many patients is to use an at home bleaching system with custom made trays under the supervision of our dentists. This technique can make dramatic changes in your appearance, even in difficult case types, at a reasonable cost. We also have an easy convenient option for patients who are looking for ready-to-go whitening without having custom trays made.

At Dental Health Care Center, we offer our patients the option to enroll in our Free Beautiful Smiles for Life Program, which offers free whitening for life! Click here for more information.

For further information on our whitening systems ask your Dental Health Care Center professional.